Why Sweidan

Sweidan's Portfolios are unique.
  • We don’t chase hot stock tips or market noise but focus on real growth opportunities and value stocks.
  • Our complex algorithms simulate each scenario up to 5 Billion times, removing human bias and inconsistencies
  • The portfolios are globally diversified mitigating risk of socio economic conditions in South Africa.
  • Our algorithms carefully examine the market in order to purchase the most cost effective investment options in a split second allowing for instantaneous decision making and strategic purchasing options.
  • Consistent rebalancing allows for asset class optimisation and growth.
  • Personalised portfolios specific to each investor.


Technology enabled professional portfolio management at the lowest price.

By leveraging off technology and through making use of our complex algorithms we are able to provide the most cost effective solution available appealing to all types of investors.

The reason why we can charge less is that our portfolios are calculated using specialised algorithms that invest broadly throughout the market and we leverage this technology to pass on the cost saving to investors. We favour passive investing in broad asset categories – cash, bonds, property and equities - both locally and internationally (USA, Europe, China, the rest of Asia and Japan).

Our technology optimises trading options, mitigating unnecessary costs and fee’s which are often found in multi manager solutions.

Our fees are significantly less than asset managers, allowing for maximisation of compounding growth.

Our technology translates into a cost saving of as much as 100%.

See our Pricing Section for more details.


The portfolios are optimised to produce the highest return for the corresponding taken risk. In order to reduce risk, we invest in a range of instruments both locally and abroad. We invest in cash, bonds, property and equities in South Africa, USA, Europe, China, the rest of Asia and Japan.

Please see the How We Invest Section to understand how we determine which region and asset class to invest in.


Goal based investing takes into account the tangible real life goals of each investor, creating solutions based on individual needs and requirements. Through goal based solutions Sweidan Helps to realised opportunities and growth previously unattained through previous solutions.


Through our cloud based platform your investment is never more than one click away.


Multi asset manager funds can often be cost ineffective through, inefficient and frequent trading expenses.

1.Research indicates that asset managers often fail to outperform their passive counterparts.(Read More). (Read More).
2.The lack of predictability of asset managers can result in inefficient investment options as top performers in one year may be the worst performers the following year. Passive investing allows for consistent market tracking often resulting in an outperformance of asset managers.


We are completely transparent, providing clear and simple to read indications of costing, fund exposure as well as possible growth and risk implications of your investment.

We give you an indication upfront as to what to expect from your portfolio and provide you with access to the performance of the portfolio 24/7.

Your portfolio will always be just a click away and you can log on any time to have a look at your portfolio and the returns.

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